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Dynamics of Thinking offers consultants, coaches and HR professionals validated and reliable assessments to map a person’s thought process so they can see in black and white the changes  or improvements that are necessary to move ahead.
This is important because a person’s thought process drives their behavior. The uniqueness and power of our assessment is that rather than analyzing the results (behaviors), we uncover the root cause of behavior, which is found by studying thought patterns.  Our assessment therefore not only reveals people’s actions, but also the reason behind their actions, the why behind the what. This knowledge has been proven to be incredibly effective in producing forward progress.
Some key questions our assessment answers are:
·         How does this person handle stress?
·         Are they more focused on themselves or others?
·         Are they compliant or lean towards rebellion?
·         Are they able to lead?
·         Will they work well with people?
·         Will this person get things done or will they spend their time planning on how to get them done?
·         What are they good at and where do they need to make some improvements?
Specifically our assessment helps professionals:
·         Significantly reduce the time spent on hiring
·         Reduce turnover
·         Improve culture
·         Build effective teams
·         Understand where their product or service is and is not resonating with its marketplace
·         Resolve conflict
·         Increase personal effectiveness
Accuracy: Our assessment is an active test. This is different from a self-test, one in which the test taker measures him or herself by answering questions based on what they believe to be true of themselves. Our assessment offers a challenge to be completed. It is the difference of asking someone how they would rate their management skills verses seeing them manage a team. Unfortunately this is a luxury employers do not usually get to see until after they have hired or promoted someone.
It’s a short test:
Unlike many other assessments, our test takes an average of 20 minutes to complete making it much less intimidating and more able to be used more frequently for re-testing to measure changes and improvements made.
It’s Dynamic--able to measure progress:
Unlike a personality assessment that labels someone in a quadrant for their lifespan; our assessment is sensitive to pick up on the changes to the individual’s thought process. It is therefore a fantastic tool to not only gain valuable insights but also to measure progress.
It’s Flexible:
Dynamics of Thinking is able to offer a variety of reports and report views. For example we offer short reports, detailed reports, snap shots, individual and team profiles depending on the use for the profile. 
Team profiles for example can be viewed on a graph or chart to get a quick glimpse of team synergy; areas that are fully satisfied and gaps that need to be filled. This allows issues to be identified quickly and easily.
Our profiles can be customized to fit a specific need at an additional cost.
Our Mission

It is our heartfelt goal and desire that our profiles help individuals, companies and teams around the world experience fulfillment in life by bringing understanding of the forces influencing their behaviors to empower them to choose their very best.



Where our profile brings unique value

We solve problems and make decisions based on what we value relevant to the dimensions of thought that we can tap into.  For the large majority of us, we unknowingly order our lives in accordance to our patterns of thought.  The power of knowing your thought pattern enables you to make changes, otherwise impossible waiting for a paradigm shift to come along.  Having your thought pattern alongside all of the dimensions of thought opens up an entirely new world of possibilities: now there is a mark to aim for, previously not even seen.  It’s so freeing to understand why some things bother you or why things are easy for your, why it’s hard to be patient with some people… it’s freeing to “get” yourself  The synergy that comes with understanding yourself from an unbiased view as well as your co-workers is a remarkable combination!

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“Thank you, Dynamics of Thinking for offering the only instrument that I have found to be capable of truly bringing lasting change both at an individual and organizational level.”

H. Joe Creegan, O/D Consultant, Profit with People


 "I have been using Dynamics of Thinking profiles for my Dental Practice clients for ten years now. It has reduced turnover and improved performance of the doctors and staff. It has proved to be a invaluable tool for coaching and hiring"


- Jen Wacaser, Wacaser & Associates



"Dynamics of Thinking is the in house senior profile pundit for LeadersWay. Greg Woods leads the team developing new and transformational assessments and training programs for LeadersWay and LeadersWay clients.  
As a business coaching and leadership development organization operating throughout North America, LeadersWay believes that their approach combining scientific scoring with the valuing  process is the future of all business success so we therefore are investing heavily in this pursuit. I am certain that through Greg’s knowledge and the efforts of our teams that LeadersWay is on course to become the forerunner in helping organizations bring more value than their clients are paying for."
Kevin Wolfe President, LeadersWay Inc.



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